Sectional Sofa Covers

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Our Couch Covers are Tried, Tested, and Approved!

Our premium covers are machine washable and always stay in place. These couch covers are both stylish and functional. Let our reviews speak for themselves!

I'm totally in love with these slip covers!

First and foremost, these cushions fit impeccably. They also offer an incredibly affordable price point without sacrificing their luxurious softness and delightful texture. I find myself favoring them over the upholstery on my high-end sofa worth a small fortune.

- Lucie P.

I couldn't be happier with my purchase!!

These covers make it a breeze to remove dog hair, and they stay snugly fitted to the cushions. If you have pets and want to keep your couch looking nice, I wholeheartedly recommend these covers!

- Alice T.

Ultra-soft and wonderfully stretchy.

As my back cushions are on the larger side, they appear a bit squished within the back cushion covers. I'm considering ordering seat covers specifically for the back cushions. I am very pleased with these covers and genuinely love them!

- Jasmine L.