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Perfect Fit, Perfect Comfort

Discover the ideal dimensions for your sofa and achieve a perfect fit and ultimate comfort with our comprehensive Sofa Size Guide.

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It's a regular sofa +

1. Determine the length of your sofa using the guide below.

2. Measure along the longest point, usually the top of each armrest, following the contours of the sofa.

3. Do not measure in a straight line as you want to ensure that the cover fits snugly into the creases of your sofa.

4. Ensure you have enough excess material to tuck into the creases for a neater style.

Note: We recommend choosing a cover size that is slightly larger than your actual sofa measurements, as excess fabric can easily be tucked away for a smooth fit.

Sofa Measurement Guide Sofa Measurement Examples

Note: If your sofa has a high back over 40" (100cm), we recommend choosing one size larger for full coverage.

Measurement Guide:

35" - 52" (88cm - 132cm) - best for most 1 seaters

53" - 69" (133cm - 175cm) - best for most 2 seaters

70" - 87" (176cm - 220cm) - best for most 3 seaters

88" - 118" (221cm - 300cm) - best for most 4 seaters

It's an L-Shaped Sofa +

1. Check how your sofa breaks into segments to see where you need to measure.

2. Measure each segment using the guide below.

3. Order individual covers for each segment.

Note: We recommend choosing a cover size that is slightly larger than your actual sofa measurements, as excess fabric can easily be tucked away for a smooth fit.

L-Shaped Sofa Example L-Shaped Sofa Measurement Guide

Note: If your sofa has a high back over 40", we recommend choosing one size larger for full coverage.

Measurement Guide:

Example: An L-Shaped sofa with segments A-A measuring 40" (100cm) and B-B measuring 77", would require one 1-Seater and one 3-Seater cover.

L-Shaped: Requires 2x Sofa Covers

U-Shaped: Requires 3x Sofa Covers

I'm not quite sure +

Not to worry. One of our friendly team is at hand. Please contact us here with more details, and we'll get you on the right path.

Take a look at how SofaGuards can benefit you.

One size fits all.
One size fits all. High-quality, stretchable fabric fits 99% of sofas, including L and U shapes. Elevating style and comfort while protecting the sofa.
Fit in just 2 minutes.
Fit in just 2 minutes. Transform your sofa in minutes with easy SofaGuard installation. Flawless, snug fit with minimal effort.
Protect from stains & spills.
Protect from stains & spills. Protect your sofa from life's accidents with SofaGuards. Barrier against stains and damage for a beautiful, comfortable sofa.
Machine Washable.
Machine Washable. All of our SofaGuards are machine washable meaning you can wash and refit your sofa covers for a fresh look, time after time.

High-Elasticity Fabric

Transform your sofa with our high-elasticity covers. Soft and flexible to the touch, these covers provide long-term comfort and durability.

Anti-slip technology ensures a snug and secure fit, while the ultra-strong construction guarantees longevity.

Upgrade your living room with a touch of luxury and style, all while protecting your sofa from daily wear and tear.

Protect Your Sofa from Pets, Spills, & More!

Guard against pets, spills, and kids with our magic slipcovers.

Our covers provide an extra layer of protection for your furniture, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Whether you're dealing with furry friends, messy kids, or accidental spills, SofaGuards have got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use a SofaGuard if my sofa doesn't have armrests?
A: Absolutely! The SofaGuard has a universal design that fits all sofas, regardless of armrests.


Is there a warranty included with the SofaGuard?
A: Yes, we offer a 30-day warranty period for all of our SofaGuards. Please refer to our Refund Policy for further details.


Does the SofaGuard include the foam inserts?
A: Yes, you will receive 4 inserts in your package. Many customers find extra foam sticks helps them really find the perfect fit.


Will the SofaGuard cover the back of my sofa?
A: Yes, the SofaGuard provides full coverage for your sofa, including the back and sides. Enjoy total protection for your furniture.

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"Fits the couch perfectly, made a brand new feel in the home. The cloth is comfortable and looks sturdy. Good value for the money."

Jessica M.
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"Soft microfibre sheet like, not transparent, fits well. Overall good value for this price. I got matching chair covers too, gives a fresh look to my open space kitchen/lounge."

Jason O.
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Nordic Plush


"Old sofa transformed. Excellent value for money. Particularly good as my sofa is chenille, so clings firmly. Neat and snug."

Tracey B.
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"Covers arrived today and I am very impressed. Bought 2 sets to cover my leather sofas that were getting a bit old. Would definitely recommend to everyone!"

James C.
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"So happy with these stretch covers. Ordered one size up for 3 seater sofa a little bit big but more to tuck in. Looks like I have a new sofa."

Elaina L.
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"My sofa is looking pretty worn but still very comfy, this cover makes it look new again. Lovely soft feel, great quality."

Jyllian S.
Verified Purchase